Exciting Places to See While on a European River Cruise

Beautiful cities, picturesque castles, and captivating vistas are just some of the many sights you’ll see on a European river cruise. The European continent itself is a bucket-list destination, and a river cruise holiday allows you to see Europe in all its splendour.

Worlds of Discovery in Asia

Being such a popular destination, Asia is perfect for a discovery holiday, as it offers the perfect mix of tradition with new and exciting discoveries.

Must Do Cruise & Travel for Under 30’s

We get it. Under 30 covers a rather large group and, finding a MUST DO cruise or travel adventure is equally as, if not more diverse. First thing, let’s eliminate anything that’s way, waaaaay out of the price range of most. If you’re sat squarely in the under-30 nuts & bolts, cheap n cheerful, max experience for min $$’s, holiday fun set – and you know it – then read on!

What’s Your Perfect Tour?

Thinking about going on holiday? There are so many tour options open to todays traveller, that it is sometimes hard to choose. We have made it simpler with our MUST KNOW-MUST DO holiday breakdown. Then, once you know your favourite type of tour you can reach out and we will pinpoint your dream tour. Perfect!…

Remember Your First Time?

Do you remember your first time cruising? The excitement of a holiday and looking forward to a real break away from it all. Here are a few hot tips to get you cruising into your perfect holiday…

8 hours on an Airplane

You can’t get away. You’re trapped for the next 8 hours on an airplane next to a random unknown person – the “Mystery Flyer” . Here are some in-flight strategies and coping tips to help you keep your cool.

How Big is your Cabin?

It’s all about size. And size matters to some, not so much to others. Try these cabin types on for size….

Smartphones to the Max

Are you dreaming of your summer holidays? Us too – snap! While we’re waiting for the fun times, let’s think about where we’ll go, how we will save the memories with a few snaps of our trip, a few apps to make our lives easier and more. Let’s start using our smartphones to the absolute max on our holidays with these ideas…

How to Choose the Perfect Hotel

Here at Discover365, we ask the right questions to help you minimize any unexpected surprises and find that perfect hotel. Let’s start right now…

Get me to the Airport on Time

Let me share some of my travel trips for taking you from your front door to your window seat as easy as possible.

Top 11 Travel Tips

As you are travelling here, there and everywhere around the world, you gather useful knowledge, tips and tricks that help you along your way. These are our top tips for when you next take the plunge into a holiday. What are yours? 1. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS A MUST An essential part of travelling is to…

What’s Cooking Onboard?

Gone are the days of one meal for all, nowadays onboard cruising is a true gourmet experience. Today you are invited to the table of top chefs who are taking to the high seas in an effort to promote and develop interesting and varied menus for a wider audience…

INFO SPOT: Smoking Policies Onboard

Many cruisers should check before going on a cruise, can I smoke on a cruise ship? Whether you are a smoker or not, it is best to check with your Cruise Solutions Specialist. Read on…

Viking Sky Ocean Cruise: Spa Review

With the beautiful Viking Cruises’ Viking Sun, on her Maiden World Voyage, debuting in Australian waters this month, our Guest Blogger J Dutton-Smith writes about his spa experience onboard Viking Sky – sister ship to Viking Sun. Enjoy!

Top 10 Features of a Viking Cruise

With the beautiful Viking Cruises’ Viking Sun, on her Maiden World Voyage, debuting in Australian waters this month, our Guest Blogger J Dutton-Smith writes about his Top 10 Features onboard a Viking Cruise. Enjoy!

Guest Blogger: Where to Next?

We spoke with Russell who tells about his past cruising holidays, where he is off to next and what he most enjoyed about travelling the world. Read all the details…