Ready for an Explore-cation


There are many ways to experience a great holiday destination. You can go for a luxurious resort stay, attend huge and colourful festivals, go on a gastronomic binge, or swim, swim, and swim in the most beautiful beaches in the world.

…or you can choose an EXPLORE-CATION! It’s where all of your preferred experiences can be bundled together for one, all-inclusive holiday!

Travel is already remarkable in itself - immersing yourself in a destination, finding hidden gems, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unique cultures, fascinating traditions, and engaging adventures, enough to keep you and your wanderlust thoroughly intrigued.

More than just spending a staycation at a fancy hotel or resort, an explore-cation will take you deeper, to the heart of your destination, where you can discover hidden sights, immerse yourself in rich cultures, and truly live in the moment!

Leave the comforts of your 5-star resort for the day (there’s PLENTY of sleeping to do there at night!), bring your hat, shades and sunblock, and get ready to EXPLORE while on VACATION – it’s an EXPLORE-CATION!

Want to experience your holiday in a different way? Read on!

Make sure to Plan Ahead

As with most travel, what you’ll want to do is to plan ahead. Doing a little research on your destination wouldn’t hurt, and it can probably lead to some experiences that you never thought existed!

Then decide on how you get to your destination. Do you travel by rail? How about fly there? Or better yet, go on a cruise! You can even do a fly-rail-cruise travel package… how sweet is that?

Consider a Guided Tour

Arguably one of the best and most convenient ways to go about on your explore-cation is to have someone show you the way. An expert tour guide to tell you where you’ll be going, feed you history and facts, answer all your questions and communicate for you on your behalf, where needed. This puts all the guesswork out the window!

Discover the Hidden Gems!

Sometimes, it’s the hidden gems that really get your eye. It could be a really wonderful restaurant just sitting idly by, a hidden waterfall, or a small museum that holds the interesting historic artefacts about your chosen destination… the possibilities are endless!

The Best of the Best…

Most tour companies will have already done the research on your behalf, so you can easily visit the tried and tested sights and points of interest of any destination. Apart from interesting itineraries, every tour guide should have an in-depth knowledge of their locale and provide you with insider information other tourists will miss. Plus, you’ll immediately know where to dine, where to stay, and where to spend your time.

It’s Your Choice

There are a number of tour companies out there. Discover365 offer members travel companies who can indulge your explore-cation needs and take you to the heart of your chosen destination in style. Some examples are:


Dive into culture and connect with locals with Trafalgar, where travellers are taken to a truly immersive holiday experience. This guided tours and escorted holidays provider will take you to unforgettable journeys that will change the way you see the world. Luxury transport and quality accommodation, plus plenty of meals will keep you feeling pampered, but the rich experiences afforded by their Travel Directors will surely be the highlight of any Trafalgar tour.

Insight Vacations

For over 40 years now, Insight Vacations has journeyed the world and provided innovative ways to travel, creating magical experiences and connections with places, alongside the time and flexibility needed for an all-inclusive and immersive holiday. With Insight, you can also choose your trip style: “Discover Journeys” allows you to escape to Europe and see the major landmarks, while the “Easy Pace” style creates itineraries where travellers stay for at least three nights in the heart of each destination.


With over 100 years of travel experience, Collette is the oldest guided travel company in North America, which means you can rest assured with expertly planned and professionally guided tours. Collette helps you eliminate the hassle of planning a trip, taking care of the details to beautiful destinations such as Paris, Australia, Chine, and other iconic cities and locales. They also employ expert Tour Designers, which help tourists absorb their surroundings, creating more meaningful travel experiences.



Small tour groups mean smaller carbon footprints, and this is what Peregrine does best. 

If you’re thinking of holiday where you can marvel the magical wonders of Myanmar or perhaps discover the grandeur of the glaciers of the Antarctic, a small group adventure might just be your thing. Peregrine’s focused travel style allows you immerse yourself in the destination at your own pace. Speaking of time, a smaller group also means you’ll be spending lesser time waiting and queuing for tickets, passes, or hotel rooms and more time for exploration during your explore-cation!


Changing the way you travel is one of the promises of Intrepid, as you won’t only travel responsibly with their carbon neutrality promise, you’ll also meet and mingle with locals like never before. It’s not just about going to some place and “living up” what’s written in a Wikipedia article – Intrepid’s tour guides, or what they call “local leaders”, become your key to interact with the locals. Think of them as part of the destination, as they can connect you with experiences and places where you can fully imbibe the rich cultures of your chosen place. While other tourists from big tour operators are going through the usual sights (which, you too, will experience), your local leader will also lead you to the unbeaten path, and show you that hidden alley, café, or restaurant that most tourists don’t get to see.

AAT Kings

An experienced coach operator in the touring industry, AATKings has invested over 100 years in the coach touring business, continuously delivering immersive and authentic tours. Their well-trained Travel Directors and Driver Guides can lead you to find extraordinary sights, hidden gems, and profound structures you won’t find anywhere else. What’s more is they’ll deliver insider tips about your destinations and allow you to mingle with the locals for true, grassroots immersion.


Touring is a planned vacation made perfect – and this is exactly what Globus Journeys stands for. For less than a century now, Globus has taken care of research, planning, reservations, and all kinds of logistics that go into touring, opening the world up to travellers of all types. Apart from providing the usual river cruises and group tours, Globus also specializes in offering religious tours, creating opportunities for travellers to embark in inspirational journeys to inspiring places such as Italy, Greece, Israel, and Jordan, with uplifting itineraries to nourish the soul.

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Written by Jackie Hamilton and Kevin Montalbo