Choosing a Cabin that’s Right for You


On a cruise holiday, your cabin is going to be like a second home, so choosing the right cruise cabin becomes one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you come to book your cruise.

We know that there is so much to do onboard that you will be romancing and dancing the night away with special someone’s and newfound friends, that you may hardly see your cabin. As a rule of thumb though, your cabin is your home base for 10-50% of your cruise – depending on how much and how often you intend to sleep! It should be your sanctuary when you are there, so it’s important to get it right.

Cabins vary depending on your budget, their location, amenities, and perks - from the quite basic and inexpensive through to a fully kitted-out luxurious and palatial suite. Of course, the perfect cabin to suit you depends entirely on you, your choice of budget, travel style, and personal preferences. 

Let’s look at the all-important location of your cabin, before we list down the different cabins you can commonly find onboard.

Location, Location, Location 

WHERE your cabin is located depends entirely on your wants and needs. What type of activities (or adventures) do you look forward to the most when you cruise. Are you a movie lover, a theatre goer, gourmet diner, a bar hopper, or do you dance the night away? Locate a cabin close by and you can be there in a jiffy!

Or are you a gym-junkie because you could opt for a cabin on a higher deck, close to the gym or pool area, so you can be right there first thing every morning. If you are an excursioner and want to be ready to go, out the door and first in line off the ship, then a lower deck cabin may be your thing. If you think seasickness may be an issue, head for midships where its likely to be more stable and a lower deck to be closer to the onboard centre of gravity. This will minimise the motion of the ocean. Being near an elevator would be handy for anyone with mobility issues, or passengers who just want to be first to the breakfast buffet! Ask your cruise consultant for suggestions on the perfect location for you. 

Types of Cabins on Cruise Ships 

Inside Cabins 

The most budget-friendly cabins you can book on a cruise ship are inside cabins. Located in the interior of the ship which means they do not have a view of the sea. Some cruiselines have “virtual balconies” that mimic the scenery as if from a balcony cabin - kinda like your own digital window to the world! Others could look out onto a promenade or concourse, a garden area, or even be an obstructed oceanview cabin!
The typical set up will include quad singles, twin singles or double bed, a bathroom, TV, and some closet space for your personal belongings. You can ask for various room configurations to sleep up to four people. These are ideal for singles, friends, smaller families or honeymooners on a budget. 

Oceanview Cabins 

The true selling point of the oceanview cabin is the spectacular view of the ocean, and can feature either portholes, picture windows, or, for more luxurious cruise ships and categories, floor-to-ceiling fixed windows. While slightly larger on the whole, an oceanview cabin may have almost the same features as an inside cabin, however the presence of natural light spells a huge difference in your cruise ship experience, and that view! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to fabulous sea and destination views accompanied by a healthy dose of sunlight? 

Balcony Cabins 

Step up a notch into the luxury of a balcony cabin. Your very own exclusive balcony where you can watch the sun rise, or set, room-service breakfast, lunch or dinner – cocktails anyone? Be first to see new destinations on the horizon, or up close when in port (as long as you are on the dock side… hey, if not you have a stunning view of the surrounding scenery!). Balconies are perfect if you’re heading to Alaska, visiting Norwegian or New Zealand fjords, on a European or Asia river cruise, or sailing around the islands in the South Pacific, Caribbean or Seychelles – practically anywhere there is ocean and picturesque locations. 


Another step up brings you an additional living area within a mini-suite, with a separate lounge area to keep everyone comfy. This is perfect for the traveller who loves spending time in their cabin relaxing with some extra luxury. 

More often than not, cruiselines offer extra perks with a mini-suite and other, more luxurious options. These can range from free spa treatments, priority boarding and disembarkation, morning and afternoon tea served in-suite, access to exclusive members-only private lounges, pools, executive dining or bar areas and more. Some cruiselines offer your very own personal butler! Just don’t take them home with you, okay?!

Suites, Owner’s Suites, Penthouses 

At the pinnacle of cruise accommodation are the suites, with varying names depending on cruiseline and level of luxury likely to be experienced. With every step-up in cabin you gain more space, and a suite will bring you the roomiest of cabins, often with additional rooms, lofts, outdoor balconies, dining areas and more. And, as with any luxury hotel or resort accommodation, suites are filled to the brim with extra amenities that range from an indoor and/or outdoor jacuzzi, dining areas, bars, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, complimentary high-end toiletries, in-room play areas for the kids, extra-large balconies, extra lounge chairs, and sometimes your very own kitchen, although the butler will take care of that! You’ll definitely feel right at home in a suite. 

With all of these options, you can be certain that the right cabin is out there for you for every cruise holiday! Which cabin will you choose? Still can’t decide? Simply call our Discover365 Cruise & Travel Solutions Specialists on 0800 587 3484

Written by Kevin Montalbo