Dine Your Way Around the World


We don’t know about you, but one of the best experiences when we travel is the food. Ahh yes, the delectable morsels and delightful temptations, succulent aromas and heady spices that draw you in to a destination’s cuisine. Food gives you a taste (literally) of every country. It acts as a gateway to the lifestyle, history, culture, and traditions from the simple table of a charming local village through to living the high life in the big cities from all around the world.

Let our Foodie Tour begin!

Tokyo, Japan

It’d be hard to find a food destination list without seeing Tokyo on it. Japan’s food culture is universally loved by many, and by experiencing it while sitting in a noodle bar in the heart of Japan’s “Electric Town” makes the taste sensation something else entirely. With over 93 restaurants packed into Tokyo’s main strip, you can treat yourself to traditional noodles, tasty yakitori, sushi, rice bowls, wagyu steaks and make sure to try wagashi!

Mendoza, Argentina

While it may be known for its great wineries, and equally magnificent wines, Mendoza offers an underrated culinary scene. Delicate Cerviché, Chimichurri and spectacular Argentine beef are teamed together to produce impressive multi-course meals, while paying particular attention to colour, flavour and texture… all served up with excellent views of the Andes Mountains! We suggest trying Bodega RucaMalen, Andeluna Cellars, and The Vines of Mendoza.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is in this list, mostly because of one restaurant – noma - a two Michelin-starred restaurant revolutionising Nordic and Scandinavian cuisine at its finest. It has been consistently placed among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, rising to the top in 2014. Focusing on food that is in season now, noma explores three seasons of cuisine throughout the year – Vegetables, Game & Forest, and Seafood. Needless to say, it’s one of the many reasons why we consider Copenhagen worth a visit – make sure you book – there’s a long waiting list!

New York City, USA

What’s a foodie list without the Big Apple? All of New York is a foodie playground for those looking to satisfy their palates. You will discover every cuisine from barbecue & pizza, craft beer & ramen noodles cronuts, hotdogs & flavourful subs fresh from the deli. We’ve been to Michelin-star restaurants, hidden Italian gems, dined on the BBQ flames of a South American porterhouse steak, Asian egg rolls and deep-fried southern-style chicken and more. You really know you’re in New York when you can’t decide what to eat, because it’s all just so darn delicious. Suggestions are to head downtown Manhatten for a wide selection of bars and restaurants on Bleaker Street, to SoHo or Greenwich Village for sweet treats, make a bee-line for Delmonicos signature Flatiron steak, or my favourite Italian – Scaletta Ristorante on the upper west side for the most unbelievable pasta carbonara and minestrone soup, just like your Italian mamma used to make!


Speaking of Italy, rather than separating out each region (and we could write a whole chapter on each one!) let’s speak about a whole country of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, home-grown lamb, beef, pork and goat, fish and shellfish pulled straight from the ocean and onto your plate in no time, and we haven’t even mentioned the bread, the wines, the pizza, the pasta and more! Italy is all about food, and you’ll have more than enough restaurants and markets to choose from – Why not take a cooking class for a real gastronomic experience.

Pampanga, Philippines

While Manila and Cebu are major destinations in the Philippines for food, Pampanga is actually considered as the country’s culinary capital. The food here reflects the country’s culinary and cultural history. As you marvel through Pampanga’s baroque churches, Spanish colonial structures, and homes backdropped by the majesty of Mount Arayat, you’ll find dishes such as the highly revered Sizzling Pork Sisig, stuffed frog (betute), mole crickets (kamaru), and a wonderful homogeny of local and international dishes. Everything also goes well with rice!

Melbourne, Australia

We tried, but we really can’t forget our own backyard! As we head to Melbourne for some of Australia’s most exciting food trends. Arguably, some of the best restaurants in the country can be found in Flinders Lane - a culinary destination in itself - with cuisines ranging from Japanese, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Spanish, and so on! It’s like taking your taste buds for a tour around the world!

We also highly recommend a visit or two down to Lygon Street. Known to locals as Melbourne’s Little Italy. Not only does it have a great selection of Italian restaurants, it has amazing deli’s with cured hams and meats, cheeses to live for, coffee, olive oil, wines, bread, and gelato. Eat, drink, and dine in Melbourne!

Bangkok, Thailand

Some of the best flavours known around the world come from Thailand, so Bangkok is where it’s at if you want to experience authentic spice-laden street food. Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemongrass, Chilli, Ginger, Pepper, Coriander, Cinnamon, Galangal, Cumin, Garlic, Mint and the ultimate Holy Basil are all here, infusing every pore of the country in their delectable scents. The flavours are absolutely unforgettable, and you’ll be craving tastes of the east long after your holiday is over.

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Written by Jackie Hamilton and Kevin Montalbo