You Need to Include These Journeys to Your Bucket List

So, you’ve finally decided to travel and see the world. Good on ya! Now that you’ve got that unstoppable wanderlust and the desire to fill-in the pages of your passport, you might want some ideas and where to go and what to see. That’s where Discover 365 comes in! Read on as chat about some…

Jet-lag Prevention – 18 Top Tips

Figuring out what works for you when you are jet-lagged may be as simple as water, sunlight and some extra sleep. To reset your body clock and minimise your jet-lag, start with a plan. Here are 18 top tips – read on…

Facing Facts about Kids and Cruising

Kid’s are great – they are energetic, curious creatures that are into everything. Let’s face the facts about kids and cruising though. The whole family is already super-excited about getting onboard. There is so much to do and see and experience, and the kids are raring to go. Rather than a relaxing cruise holiday, your…

Top 5 Most Underrated Cruising Experiences

Lifelong cruisers and cruise & travel consultants will all tell you that the Top 5 most under valued cruising experiences are simple when you think about them – and they are not what you would expect!

Last Minute Valentine Solutions

Valentine’s Day is here – have you forgotten something? For a quick Valentine fix here are some nearby romantic destinations, and hotel options ready and waiting.

10 Quick Travel Tips

Just to make your journey a little easier, here are 10 Quick Travel Tips as voted by our cruise and travel consultants at Discover365. THE most important piece of advice is to…

Guest Blogger: Where to Next?

We spoke with Russell who tells about his past cruising holidays, where he is off to next and what he most enjoyed about travelling the world. Read all the details…

8 hours on an Airplane

You can’t get away. You’re trapped for the next 8 hours on an airplane next to a random unknown person – the “Mystery Flyer” . Here are some in-flight strategies and coping tips to help you keep your cool.

How to Save with a Package Holiday?

Let’s face it, holiday packages have some great benefits including the number one factor looked for in any holiday – value for money. So, how do you save with a package holiday?

How Big is your Cabin?

It’s all about size. And size matters to some, not so much to others. Try these cabin types on for size….

ALL ABOARD the Rocky Mountaineer!

Let us whisk you away to a world of incomparable beauty and luxury on an iconic Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey. Get up close and personal with the highest peaks in the Rockies. Discover awe-inspiring scenery showcasing nature’s beauty, with sparkling lakes, snowy mountains, and local wildlife at every turn. Rocky Mountaineer will take you into…