How to Save with a Package Holiday?

Let’s face it, holiday packages have some great benefits including the number one factor looked for in any holiday – value for money. So, how do you save with a package holiday?

How Big is your Cabin?

It’s all about size. And size matters to some, not so much to others. Try these cabin types on for size….

ALL ABOARD the Rocky Mountaineer!

Let us whisk you away to a world of incomparable beauty and luxury on an iconic Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey. Get up close and personal with the highest peaks in the Rockies. Discover awe-inspiring scenery showcasing nature’s beauty, with sparkling lakes, snowy mountains, and local wildlife at every turn. Rocky Mountaineer will take you into…

Closing the Generation Gap

More and more Australians are vacationing with their extended families and friends. The question is how to find a holiday that suits everyone’s tastes, expectations, age-range and more?

Smartphones to the Max

Are you dreaming of your summer holidays? Us too – snap! While we’re waiting for the fun times, let’s think about where we’ll go, how we will save the memories with a few snaps of our trip, a few apps to make our lives easier and more. Let’s start using our smartphones to the absolute max on our holidays with these ideas…

How to Choose the Perfect Hotel

Here at Discover365, we ask the right questions to help you minimize any unexpected surprises and find that perfect hotel. Let’s start right now…

Get me to the Airport on Time

Let me share some of my travel trips for taking you from your front door to your window seat as easy as possible.

A World of River Cruising

River Cruising – it takes you right in to the very heart of a destination, with every riverbend bringing a new discovery to behold.

Onboard Features that will Surprise You

A cruising life is not all about just bingo and bubbles! You’ll be surprised by some of the innovative and interesting onboard features waiting for you to discover. Read on to explore the adventure, fun, entertainment and more available for solo cruisers, romantic couples, even the whole family on your next cruising holiday! Get a…

Top 11 Travel Tips

As you are travelling here, there and everywhere around the world, you gather useful knowledge, tips and tricks that help you along your way. These are our top tips for when you next take the plunge into a holiday. What are yours? 1. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS A MUST An essential part of travelling is to…

ASIA: A Kaleidoscope of Traditions

Sights, Sounds of Asia and Beyond!
It is mesmerizing how the many countries of Asia have combined the past and the future, the idyllic with the fast-paced, wide open countryside with metropolis blazing with lights.

What’s Cooking Onboard?

Gone are the days of one meal for all, nowadays onboard cruising is a true gourmet experience. Today you are invited to the table of top chefs who are taking to the high seas in an effort to promote and develop interesting and varied menus for a wider audience…