3 Steps For The Best Movie Night At Home


Revolutionary Lockdown Idea: Turn your home into the perfect movie night location!

Whether you're looking for Valentine's Day Ideas, have the kids begging you to do something different, or just need to switch off, we've got the ultimate idea - and all it involves is a movie, some popcorn and - hold your breath - PIZZA!

3 steps to turn your home into the perfect movie spot - while we're in lockdown!

1. Make pizza at home 

Okay 'Mamma mia, might not have taught us much about pizza, and ordering in might not be exciting anymore, if it's become a regular routine - so instead of getting delivery, try and make your own. You don't need to google the recipe - just grab our pre-made kit; ingredients, instructions and everything you need in one place. All you might need is an apron - warning - things might get messy!

2. No Popcorn - No Party 

It's definitely not an authentic movie night without popcorn. But don't just go with ordinary plain popcorn. We're not talking about pan-fried salt-less seeds, or microwave-popping bland-tasting popcorn-look-a-like (some aren't too bad) - we're talking about Gourmet - lick your fingers - irresistible - multi-flavoured Joe & Seph Popcorn. No bias, it's the ultimate delicious treat to really taking the experience to the next level! Of course, you can try all the flavours that tickle your taste buds - but Salted Caramel has a long way to go on our list of favourites - it's included in the custom Movie Night At Home Pack already - just choose your flavour!   

3. Where's the movie?

So, we've made our favourite pizza - or the closest version to it. We're pretty impressed. Popcorn is ready. Lights are dim. Cosy clothes are on! What's missing!? Renting a DVD is a little old fashioned, we've watched everything on Netflix - even movies that haven't gone live yet - or almost. Why not choose your movie on CHILL. Our movie night at home pack includes a FREE movie voucher and you can pick the movie you like, enter your promo code and voila'! 

Movie Night Is On, so make sure you join Discover365 to save - and don't forget, you earn credits with all these purchase so - although we might not be able to travel just yet - you can use the credits earned to save on travel later, maybe even book your next trip to the States - where, on the contrary, movie theatres make you feel like being at home. Funny. 

Extra tip: If you really want to go the extra mile - pillows & a projector are what you need to top it all off. Use your Discover365 account to get up to 35% off technology devices and find the perfect projector for your budget. Have it delivered to your door, then once plugged in, direct it towards a blanc wall and use extra pillows to make your couch extra cosy. This might even be better than any cinema!

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Written by Angelica Galliano