BEAT THE HEAT: Top 10 travel tips for staying cool

Whenever we think of summer, we picture the golden sun beaming down on a crystal-clear ocean, fish-filled lagoons, white sand and palm trees swaying gently to a funky island vibe. How can you beat a great summer holiday? However, the perfect summer holiday can often get a bit hot, definitely sweaty, and sticky, sticky as the humidity rises.

We know that cruisers and travellers can often underestimate the power of the sun and so, we have come up with some great top tips for staying cool during your summer holiday.

Cool Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

Obvious enough! Drink up! Never skimp on water – you don’t have to wait until you’re thirsty to get your drink on. Plain water is best to hydrate yourself, however if you find yourself wilting from the heat, try a sports drink like Gatorade or Staminade. These can replace the salts and sugars that you have sweated out, and give you a boost to keep on keeping on.

Note to self: “Hydralyte” works wonders, if you grab some in powdered form from the chemist before you go on holidays. Make sure to keep it in the branded box/pouches, as Customs take a dim view on random powdered substances in your suitcase!

Cool Tip #2: Take a Cool Bath

At the end of a long day exploring, snorkelling, walking and discovering, cool yourself down with a cool shower or bath. And you don’t need to wait until the end of the day either! If you are hot, you’re hot. Head inside and cool it on down. A cool shower and a change of clothes does wonders for the stamina.

Note to self: when you won’t have the chance to return to your digs during the day, grab a wet facecloth and zip it up in a plastic zip-lock baggy. It’s a quick alternative until you can get back.

Cool Tip #3: Water Spray

Another quick and easy way to cool down is with an “evian” spray or quick splash from your water bottle (make sure you have enough water BEFORE you spray!). An “evian” spray is a pocket-sized aerosol that will spray cool, cool water – perfect for a quick damp down. Your face is the prime target, hit your pulse points, such as your wrists, the back of your neck, your elbows and temples. Even a blast up and under your shirt will give you an instant cooling effect.

Cool Tip #4: Air-con

The good old air-con. Heading out from your beautifully air-conditioned room can be a wrench at times, however just think that when you return it will be like stepping into an ice bath – wonderful!

Note to Self: There are many air-conditioned options to choose from. Consider a trip to a cinema, museum or art gallery, or any souvenir-laden shopping meccas to get a blast of nice cool air during the heat of the day.

Cool Tip #5: Watch What You Eat

Yep! You read that right! What you eat can affect how you feel when you get outside. Your body heats up to digest your food – it’s like an engine burning fuel. So, if you eat a huge breakfast right before trotting off on an excursion (and I know that those bacon, eggs and pancakes are calling to you!) it will require extra water and extra effort for your body to burn it. To keep cool, try and stick to a lighter meal at breakfast – go overboard on those gorgeous tropical fruits, milk and cereal, toast and the like. Then eat up at dinner when all those lovely desserts are on offer!

Cool tip #6: Get a little Spicy!

Eat something spicy! And we mean HOT & spicy to induce a sweat. The body sweats when it is hot to cool off, so you can bypass a hot sunny day and go straight to the source. OK we are joking, if it’s hot outside, hit a lovely air-conditioned restaurant or café and spend some time people watching.

Cool Tip #7: Wear lighter clothing

Light and floaty, loose-fitting clothing can help keep you cool. Plus if you keep them light coloured or white – even better! Science says that lighter colours help reflect sunlight and keep the heat out, whereas darker colours may absorb and retain heat. A few degrees either way will make all the difference – believe us!

Note to Self: Breathable footwear is also a plus if you’re walking around – keeps the tootsies nice and cool.

Cool Tip #8: Sunscreen and a Hat

Be sensible. Use sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself under the sun for UVA and UVB rays. Sunburn on your holiday is not fun, and definitely that burn it hot to touch. (Quick note on Sunstroke: Sunstroke can severely jeopardise your health, so if you find yourself with after sun migraines, profuse sweating, extreme tiredness and more, head to a health professional or local hospital for assistance. Rule of thumb – stay hydrated at all times!)

Cool Tip #9: Slow down to Island Time

Hey, you are on holiday, let’s not overdo it! The heat of the day is the time to take it easy, grab some lunch or a cocktail or two, take a siesta, enjoy your holiday and simply slow down to island time.

Cool Tip #10: Splish Splash!

Honestly, if we have to tell you to go have a swim in the pool, you aren’t even trying! Head down to the local beach, or take a jump into the nearest pool, or visit a waterpark to cool off. The kids will love it and would spend hours and hours slipping and sliding their way down fun-filled waterslides until they turn blue. You know it’s the answer, so, ready, set, jump!


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Written Jacqueline Hamilton and Kevin Montalbo

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