Top Stories of 2018

Here are your 10 favourite stories of 2018, read them again, share with your friends, and overall have a wonderful Christmas and safe and happy New Year. 

  1. 8 hours on an Airplane
    You can’t get away. You’re trapped for the next 8 hours on an airplane next to a random unknown person. And upgrading to business class, although reducing the number of people, does not necessarily exclude you from the baffling behaviour and weird personal habits of what I like to call the “Mystery Flyer”. Read on…
  1. You Need to Include These Journeys to Your Bucket List
    So, you’ve finally decided to travel and see the world. Good on ya! Now that you’ve got that unstoppable wanderlust and the desire to fill-in the pages of your passport, you might want some ideas and where to go and what to see.More…
  1. 6 Great Tips to Create the Perfect Family Cruise 
    If you look at it at all the images on the internet about family cruising, you’ll see a happy family, all smiles, completely stress free. However, any parent will tell you there are times when it’s not all fun and games. So, what to do? 
  1. A Day in the Life at Hanrob Pet Hotels
    You’ve used your Discovery Dollar discount to book your pet in for their first holiday at Hanrob and are unsure what to expect; maybe you’re still wondering whether boarding is the right option for you and your pet and want to know what they’ll get up to while in our care. Wonder no longer as we take you through a day in the life of the pets staying at Hanrob Pet Hotelsthere’s more… 
  1. A Summer Island Paradise 
    The tans may fade, yet the memories of summer will last forever… and that’s if your summer holiday is somewhere spectacular. Enter the fun-filled South Pacific – explore today… 
  1. What’s Your Perfect Tour?
    Thinking about going on holiday? There are so many tour options open to todays traveller, that it is sometimes hard to choose. We have made it simpler with our MUST KNOW-MUST DO holiday breakdown. Then, once you know your favourite type of tour you can reach out and we will pinpoint your dream tour. Perfect! Ready? Here we go… 
  1. Don’t Buy Another Bottle of Wine Until You Read This
    You can now benefit from Discover365 lifestyle rewards with a $100 discount voucher on award-winning wines! Read on to discover more… 
  1. 5 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination
    Spectacular glaciers, marvellous fjords, and fascinating wildlife – it’s no wonder that Antarctica is considered as one of the top bucket-list holiday destinations in the world. What’s not to love? 
  1. Facing Facts about Kids and Cruising
    Rather than a relaxing cruise holiday, your first family cruise is likely to be full-on fun and go, go, go. This is where you and the family try out absolutely EVERYTHING onboard from afternoon tea to soaring high above the ship on a flying fox! We offer you some suggestions for keeping the fun flowing…
  1. Remember Your First Time?
    Do you remember your first-time cruising? The excitement of a holiday and looking forward to a real break away from it all. Yet, in the back of your mind, that trepidation of the unknown. What do we pack? Will we get seasick? Is the cabin big enough? Will we get bored? All this and more explored…


That’s about it for our round-up of 2018 – there are always more stories, and we have many interesting themes lined up for 2019 to keep those holiday fires burning. Take care during the holidays, and catch you all next year.

 Discover365 Team

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