Most Popular Tour Companies as voted by Discover365 Members  

There are travel and tour companies that are undeniably favoured by many, standing out because of their luxurious amenities, high-quality of service, and great itineraries, creating memorable experiences to last a lifetime. Travellers have varying tastes, likes, dislikes, budgets, number of travellers, adventure vs relaxing and more! With the dizzying array of tour companies available (and easily available on Discover365 website), there’s one out there that’s just perfect for you.

After checking and some tallying, the results are now in! Here are the 5 most popular tour operators (listed alphabetically) as booked by you, our Discover365 members.

APT Touring

Award winning, Australian borne APT Touring has been recognised for many years as delivering exceptional standards to their guests. APT caters to travellers who wish to take the scenic route via four-wheel drive safari’s, iconic rail journeys, or even guide you through the wilderness of the Kimberley, Cape York and the Outback for a one-of-a-kind adventure!
Specialising also in river and small-ship cruising, APT will take you to the majestic rivers of Europe, Vietnam & Cambodia, Myanmar, India’s Ganges River, the Nile in Africa, and the Yangtze River in China.

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Touring is a planned vacation made perfect – and this is exactly what Globus stands for. For shy on a century now, Globus has taken care of research, planning, and all kinds of logistics that go into touring – opening the world up to travellers of all types.

Globus specialises in creating opportunities for travellers to embark on inspirational journeys such as Italy’s Rome, Florence and Ravenna, the Acropolis, Meteoria and the gorgeous Greek Isles, major cities of the USA and Canada, South America, the temples of India, China and Thailand, go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Lourdes in France, visit cathedrals in the UK and Fatima in Spain, and there are so many more – all with uplifting itineraries to nourish your soul.

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Insight Vacations

For over 40 years now, Insight Vacations has journeyed the world and provided innovative ways to travel, creating magical experiences and connections with places in a truly authentic way, alongside the time and flexibility needed for an all-inclusive and immersive holiday.

Insight travels in style to major holiday destinations in the world, from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark and other major cities in Europe to Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and beyond! They also take travellers to Canada and United States for iconic landmarks, national parks, and famous cultural sites.

You can also choose your trip style: “Discover Journeys” allows you to escape to Europe and see the major landmarks, while the “Easy Pace” style creates itineraries where travellers stay for at least three nights in the heart of each destination.

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Founded in 1987, Scenic is a luxury river cruise and tour provider catering primarily to Australians. Travelling to over 60 countries, Scenic prides itself not only in ocean cruises, but also it its wide selection of destinations for river cruises and tours. It offers all-inclusive luxury travel, with five-star service complemented by handcrafted and memorable experiences that keep travellers coming back to see more of the world.

Itineraries include French river cruising, visiting the Christmas markets in Europe and Canada, going on a river cruise in South East Asia, luxury land journeys to Africa, Canada, Alaska, Japan, Egypt, South America, India, and even Sri Lanka.

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Dive into culture and connect with locals as you journey along with Trafalgar, travellers are taken on a truly immersive holiday experience. As experts in guided tours and escorted holidays they will take you on unforgettable journeys that will change the way you see the world. Luxury transport and quality accommodation, plus plenty of meals to keep you feeling pampered, and the rich cultural experiences shared by their Travel Directors will surely be the highlight of any Trafalgar tour.

Trafalgar’s guided holidays will take you to the best of each destination, such as Rome and Tuscan highlights, the wonders of Spain, Morocco and Portugal, the USA, Australia, samba into Rio and climb the mountains of Peru, discover historic Prague, Vienna and Budapest to name a few.

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