10 Holiday Destinations where your Aussie Dollar Gets You More

Planning a cruise or holiday later this year?  

As the End of Financial Year approaches here’s a quick guide to the top 10 holiday destinations where your Aussie Dollar gets you more! With the Australian economy benefiting from a global upswing and gaining momentum in the current market, the Reserve Bank of Australia is indicating a stronger Australian Dollar.* Some reports** even suggesting a potential increase of 10 per cent against the GBPound by the end of the year, cruising and travel will be a whole lot easier on the hip pocket. (And you’ll have a little extra $$ to stay longer or bring home some extra-special souvenirs) 

Check out the Top 10 Destinations and start saving! 

The United Kingdom – £0.57 Pound = AU$1

Stunning countryside sceneries dot the beautiful cities of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. While still considered on the pricey side, the UK has so much to offer any traveller. Base yourself in London for an historic city tour, roam the wilds of Wales, head north to the Scottish border or visit the beautiful Isles of Scilly for a taste of paradise in the Atlantic. Take time to immerse yourself in the local culture, visit world famous museums and art galleries, historic cities, castles, and much more is open for your exploration. You could even head over to Europe! Got itchy feet yet?

Malaysia – RM 3.05 Ringgitt = AU$1

Featuring a hodgepodge of Asian cultures, Malaysia is called “truly Asia” because of its diversity. With a mix of Chinese, Muslim, Hindu, and Indian perspectives, your trip to Malaysia is sure to present you with unique experiences, delicious cuisine and market bargains galore. Her national parks are some of the most beautiful in the world, while the equatorial rainforest beckons to you for on an adventure you soon won’t forget. 

Norway – KR 6.21 Krone = AU$1

Norway’s fjords, glaciers and icefields rank among Europe’s largest, and its awe-inspiring Northern Lights are simply stunning to behold. Over the past few years the dollar has risen against the Norwegian Krone, and now is the perfect time for a Northern European or Baltic cruise. With more bang for your Aussie buck, you can now visit one of the most beautiful countries around the world.

Russia – P 47.58 Ruble = AU$1

With the Russian Ruble falling by more than 11 per cent last year (2017), more than ever it’s a good time to see the world’s largest country. Russia is home to historic cities, filled with stunning national treasures and contemporary creativity. Moscow and St. Petersburg are locations you want to keep your eye on, but if you’ve got a hankering for adventure we’ve got you covered… an expedition into the wild Caucasus Mountains, ice-diving in Siberia, kayaking or white-water rafting in Russia’s remote regions? Too much adventure? Maybe a luxury river cruise along venetian-like canals is more your style? Speak to your travel solutions specialist for more ideas.

Philippines – P 40.07 Peso = AU$1

Thanks to its year-round summer climate, white sand beaches, and natural beauty, the Philippines deserves a spot in the world’s top holiday destinations. With the Australian dollar currently performing strongly against the Philippine peso you can easily discover this underrated Southeast Asian archipelago for yourself. We recommend relaxation in paradise in Palawan and Cebu, or, if you’ve got more energy, check out the world-class surfing in Baler and Siargao to create those prime “hang ten” memories. 

Argentina – $19.08 Peso = AU$1

In 2017 the Argentinian Peso fell in value by nearly 40 percent against the Aussie dollar making it high time you visited beautiful Buenos Aires! Considering a cruise? Discover Iguazu Falls, an impressive sight! It’s the largest waterfalls system in the world one of the World’s New Seven Wonders of Nature. Or the Perito Moreno Glacier is another powerful sight to behold. Sail along Lake Argentino for a great view of the glacier, hike on the ice, or join a guided hike for a real up-close-and-personal experience. Make sure you get your tango on and dance the night away!

Japan – ¥ 84.11 Yen = AU$1

When you want to discover modern technological advancements AND appreciate a timeless culture all in the one place, then the “land of the rising sun” is hard to beat. Giving you one more reason to experience authentic sushi, the Aussie dollar has further strengthened in 2017 against the Japanese Yen. Tokyo itself provides a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Visit ryokan (traditional Japanese Inns) and enjoy ramen – wonderful food for the soul! You can even go for some world-class skiing in mountains or take a dip in onsen (hot springs) – the possibilities for your Aussie dollar here are simply endless! 

Switzerland – CHF 0.75 Franc = AU$1

Embrace the great outdoors when you visit the Swiss Alps’ verdant and enchanting landscapes. This country’s beauty will stay with you way after your holiday is over. While it may top the list as one of the most expensive countries in the world, there are some ideal spots you can visit where you don’t have to spend an Aussie dollar bundle. Club Med offer all-inclusive resort holidays in the skiing meccas of St. Moritz and Villars-sur-Ollon – perfect for your ski, snowboard or summer hiking holidays. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Brazil – R$2.91 Real = AU$1

Brazil is hard to pass up, with our Australian currency also performing very well here. Now, you’ve got another excuse to explore this South American passion-paradise! It’s rhythm-filled cities, coupled with the lush rainforested jungles make Brazil a one-stop destination for tourists looking for a diverse experience. Ideal for travellers who have budgets that are both large and small, traverse the country, cruise her coastlines, go horseback riding in the Pantanal or kayaking along the Amazon. Adventure? Experience? Great food? Samba? Brazil has got it all in spades. 

Hong Kong – $6.00 Dollar = AU$1

Shopping, shopping and more shopping! Want to grab some bargains for Christmas? With the strong Aussie dollar, Hongkong is a shoppers’ paradise. Whether you’re looking for signature brands or affordable buys, the seemingly infinite choice is sure to dazzle. Spend up big then take some “me” time to relax or go explore the city aboard an historic double-decker tram. Just make sure you bring an extra bag for all the extra stuff you’re taking home! 


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All valuations are based on 6.6.2018 at https://goo.gl/cV9Pg9
Note: Currency fluctuates and the strength of the Australian dollar may vary from season to season. Please check the current currency rates of your preferred destination prior to travelling. 
Sources: * https://goo.gl/DXSQUr    ** https://goo.gl/yJ1ntp