Guest Blogger: Where to Next?

We spoke with Russell M who tells us about his past cruising holidays, where he is off to next and what he most enjoyed about travelling the world. Read all the details below.

Russell tells us…

“Our first trip was from Port Canaveral to Nassau return, just to see what Royal Caribbean was like. We had a balcony room, and loved it.

Second cruise with Royal Caribbean was to Alaska, from Vancouver to Seattle round trip. This time in an ocean view room. We didn’t worry about the balcony room because of the cold weather.

Third cruise was on Ovation of the Seas, and it was her inaugural cruise, although we jumped on board in Dubai. Ports on that trip were Dubai, Oman, Kochin (India), Penang and departing in Singapore. Balcony room for 14 nights and it was amazing.

Fourth cruise was Sydney to both islands of New Zealand and return. We had a balcony room again and it was great.

Fifth & Six Cruises – yet to board. Our currently booked cruises are back-to-back, sailing from Sydney to Honolulu via Tahiti, then from Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands onto Vancouver. Both are on Ovation of the Seas and this time are having a large inside room with a virtual balcony. We just wanted to check it out to see what it was like.

We always cruise mid-ship to be more comfortable, and travel as a couple. Most ports we do shore excursions, but some we have done our own exploring. I must admit they have been in ports we were very sure about, such as New Zealand. We find the great advantage of booking shore excursions onboard is that we are first off the ship when docking and should the excursion’s return be delayed for any reason the ship will wait for us.

Favourite ports, well all have been good, although Penang was very hot and steamy the day we were there, so not particularly enjoyable at the time.

We particularly loved Oman and Kochin, because they were places that not many of our friends had been to and we knew very little about them. Seeing different cultures is a huge attraction for us travelling.

Apart from the next 2 cruise bookings we have a Canada & Alaska Tour coming up in 5 months, which includes flying from Brisbane to Melbourne and on to Los Angeles then Calgary. We will then drive through Canada to see the sights of Banff, Whistler, Jasper etc… through to Vancouver. We fly to Anchorage, Alaska and Barrow in the Arctic circle. We will stop in Homer for a bear tour, ride a glass domed train through the wilderness from Anchorage to Fairbanks, then fly to San Francisco for a few days before returning home to Brisbane again via to Sydney. No cruise this time, but our first cruise to Alaska certainly left us wanting to explore further.”

Wonder where you will go next time Russell? Maybe Asia or Europe? Will it be a cruise or a tour? Either way, our Travel Solution Specialists will always available to book your holiday on 1300 830 786.

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